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UPDATE: To date, more than $263,000 has been pledged, and pledges are coming in on a regular basis — PRAISE GOD!

Giving toward the campaign can happen live, online, or via text. How?

To give live via check, simply add “SPOT” in the memo line and drop it in the Offering Box at OWC.

To give via text, simply text your gift amount to 913.439.5660 and add “SPOT” [Example: “$25 SPOT].

To give online, click HERE.

What’s “More Than a Spot”?

Believe it or not, it’s still too late to get involved and make a pledge. To learn more about the purpose and heart of the campaign, please take a moment and read the following communication shared with the OWC church family regarding this endeavor.


Thursday, APR 21, 2016

Dear Church Family –

Recently you were informed about Olathe Wesleyan Church’s new partnership with The Family Conservancy [TFC] and Early Head Start [EHS]. This partnership, which begins July 01, allows us to: increase capacity for the KidZone Learning Center [KZLC]; serve an additional sixteen [16] at-risk children and their families who live in the Olathe community; and provide continuing education opportunities for the KZLC staff. We celebrate this tremendous blessing, and thank God for His provision!

As TFC and EHS prepare to invest in our facility – their commitment to capital improvements at OWC exceeds $200,000! – we believe it’s time to prayerfully consider our opportunity to invest. As many of you are aware, we have significant issues with the OWC parking lot. The lot is in a state of disrepair, and we’re certain it won’t make it through another season of sun, salt, parking, and plowing. We’d say more, but most likely it’s unnecessary; we’re absolutely certain you’ve noticed.

The OWC staff and Local Advisory Council [LAC] have consistently discussed and prayed over this concern, and believe now is the time to take action. As a result, the More Than a Spot campaign begins now, and the goal is to raise through congregational pledges the necessary funding to replace the existing OWC parking lot while also increasing capacity. We realize this is a significant undertaking, and are therefore asking you to prayerfully consider what God would ask you to give.

Neither the staff nor LAC gets excited about concrete and asphalt, but we want to do our best to practice radical hospitality, remove barriers for guests, and make room for more. That’s why we’re calling the campaign More Than a Spot. Each parking spot represents at least one person God wants in relationship with Him. We invite you to pray with us that God would draw people to Himself, and that these parking spots would be filled with those who would meaningfully connect with God.

But that’s not all. If we only take care of ourselves, we’ve missed the point. Our parking lot serves Olathe Wesleyan, Mosaikon Comunidad de Fe, Immigrant Connection, Inc., The Counseling Center, and the KidZone Learning Center – more than 400 people are served here each week! However, our desire to develop and sustain a church multiplication movement means we’re also committed to our partners in Samburu, Kenya, and additionally desire to see churches planted in the Kansas City metro. OWC’s strong church planting spirit compels us to demonstrate sacrificial generosity, and we’re committed to giving at least 10% of any funds pledged to our regional and international church planting efforts.

How will this work? We’re asking everyone to prayerfully consider what God would lead them to give over a three-year period. Current estimates for lot replacement and expansion are approximately $375K, and the plan is to raise $200K or more in order to cut into the expense, then finance the remainder through OWC’s primary lending partner. Even now, we are securing additional estimates to see how flexible these replacement costs are, and will celebrate with you if we can get that number down.

On Sunday, May 01, Pastor Jim Wood will share with the congregation what the leadership team [comprised of OWC’s staff and LAC members] have prayerfully pledged to give, then on Sunday, May 22 we’ll receive pledges from the rest of the congregation. We’re anticipating a great day of celebration!

We realize such an undertaking may seem daunting, even impossible. If you’re experiencing such feelings, allow me to remind you that God has consistently provided for OWC. Consider the faith it took Rev. Yorton and Thelma Clark to plant OWC back in 1986. Certainly their faith was stretched significantly, and certainly the challenges seemed insurmountable. Yet here we are, some thirty years later, enjoying the blessing of God and our church’s presence in the community. Rev. Clark believed God was calling him to provide space for people in need of relationship with God –

More Than a Spot invites us all to participate in the same faith-stretching opportunity.

The ultimate success of this campaign will be found in 100% participation. We’re asking everyone to participate. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you feel you can give; your participation matters. Please understand, this isn’t about equal giving, since it’s not realistic to expect everyone can give at the same level. But we can all give something, and we can all consider our sacrifice. In fact, that’s it – not equal giving, but equal sacrifice. It’s our prayer that, as we launch this campaign, all of us would embrace OWC’s core value of sacrificial generosity.

May God richly bless you, and may God be our provider as we journey together!

In Christ,

Pastor Jim & Pastor Ken

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