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We count on the generous support of OWC’s regular attenders and members to strengthen and advance the ongoing work of the church. If you’re interested in exploring financial partnership with all God is doing in and through OWC and would like to grow in your generosity, we offer three ways to give. Below are brief descriptions, with details and links as needed.


If you’d like to contribute in person, your cash or check contribution can be placed in The Offering Box located on the back wall of the OWC Worship Center. Of course, you can always mail a gift to the address below or drop off a gift in person.


If you’d like to contribute via text, contributions can be sent through our Text2Give app — simply send the amount you would like to give to 913.439.5660. After entering and sending your gift, a confirmation text will follow.


If you’d like to contribute online, please click HERE to go to the online giving page. You can donate as a guest, set up a new account, or check in as a returning donor. Whichever method you choose, thank you for your giving.

By the way, just in case you’re thinking we only care about money…

Jesus said, “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” [Matthew 6:21, New Living Translation] It’s important to understand He made this statement while challenging His listeners on the subject of greed and our all-too-human tendency to focus on stuff rather than relationships as a means of fulfillment.

We want to live counter-culturally. We want to be exceptionally generous. We want to see how we can best leverage everything God has given us — our time, talent, treasure, and testimony — as a means of demonstrating God’s generosity toward us. God is a giver, and we want to follow His example and be great givers just like Him!

Though this page is specifically connected to financial generosity — which, by the way, is an excellent way for us to pool resources and make a more significant dent in our world for Christ — we believe living a generous life involves not only our money but everything we are.

Here are a few questions we use for regular reflection:

Are we generous with time?

We each get 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week. So the question is… Do our weekly, monthly, and even annual priorities reveal a spirit of generosity with regard to the management of our time?

Are we generous with talent?

We live in homes, we go to school or work, we have fun, and we volunteer. So the question is… Do all these environments benefit as we put our skills & abilities to work in healthy, generous ways?

Are we generous with treasure?

We all have stuff — possessions, resources, money. So the question is… Are we living simply? Are we giving stuff away? How are we doing at being generous with all God has provided?

Are we generous with testimony?

We’ve seen God at work in our lives. So the question is… Can the people we live with, work with, or go to school with see and hear how God is working in us? Do we generously give God the credit when sharing our faith?