We believe everything begins and ends with prayer, and we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to move in the lives of those who follow after God.

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” [James 5:16]


We invite you to join with us as we call out to God and intercede on behalf of those in our church and community in need of prayer. We can’t do this on our own — we need God’s strength, Spirit, and power to live the life He has called us to live!

Please thank God for…

: The sacrificial generosity shown through the “More Than a Spot” campaign

: The opportunities we have to be generous & intentional givers

: Those being served through ESL & Clubhouse each week

: The two church planting networks OWC has in Kenya and Kansas

: The Counseling Center, for clients being assisted [and for client base to increase]

: The many clients being served through the Immigrant Connection office

: Mosaikon, as they effectively reach out to our Spanish-speaking friends

: All our incredible ministry partners [to view, click HERE]

Please pray for

: A significant spiritual awakening to occur throughout Olathe and beyond

: Our partnership with The Family Conservancy & Early Head Start

: The “More Than a Spot” capital campaign, that participation would reach 100%

: An atmosphere of radical hospitality and expectation in our Sunday gatherings

: Growing connections to be made between the families of KZLC and OWC

: OWC’s Ministries — Clubhouse, ESL, GuyTime, Women’s Bible Study, etc.

: An increased disciple-making atmosphere at OWC

: Recent guests at OWC, that they would meaningfully connect

: Immigrant Connection, as people in our community are served

: Wisdom for our staff, as they deal with varied and complex people issues

: The Counseling Center, that more and more clients would find help and hope

: The ongoing work and resourcing of OWC’s church planting network

: Mosaikon Comunidad de Fe, that God would bless and help their efforts

: The spiritual health, growth, and vitality of OWC & our ministry partners

: The opportunities we have to represent Jesus at home, work, & school

: Marriages, families, and individuals in our community who are struggling


Have something you’d like us to consider listing?

Please email Pastor Ken HERE