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Mission Southside

A great “helps” organization that brings hope to individuals in Johnson County, KS, through the meeting of both physical and spiritual needs.

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Craig Howard
Call 913.393.2200 or email HERE

The focus of Mission Southside:

Taking Jesus to people in need by extending help and hope.

Olathe Wesleyan partners with Mission Southside by giving to their annual Boxing Day, by providing meeting space at the OWC facility, and by working together with Craig, Steve and the entire Mission Southside crew as help and hope opportunities arise.

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[Pictured Below:]

Craig Howard from
Mission Southside drops off
donated soccer balls
to Daniel Smith of OWC.

The soccer balls were given as gifts
to the Ridgeview Elementary
Soccer Club participants.

The 2016 Fall Soccer Club
currently involves 73 students & 12 volunteers!

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Craig and Daniel