Lare-Oibor, Kenya

The Samburu people have been the focus, and planting churches through the meeting of physical and spiritual needs is the goal.

Lare Oibor Update

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The backstory on OWC’s connection with Lare-Oibor…

OWC’s original connection with the Samburu people began around 2008 through the ministry of Ken & Susan Black, former missionaries to Kenya with Africa Inland Mission.

Since the beginning of our partnership, over twenty people from OWC have traveled to Lare-Oibor to serve, and several from the church currently sponsor children from Lare-Oibor through Compassion International.

Additionally, OWC has helped the church in Lare-Oibor start a preschool, build a community well, provide playground equipment, and run Vacation Bible School.


Six-In-One Photo Shows Process of Well / Water Provision

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Lare Oibor water provision


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Women Singing

Lare Oibor, Women Singing

Walls for Preschool

Lare Oibor, Kitchen

Baptism at the Church

Lare Oibor Baptism

Prayer at the Church Tree

Lare Oibor Worship Around Tree