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Olathe Wesleyan Church, along with its partner ministries [KidZone Learning Center, Immigrant Connection, The Counseling Center, and Mosaikon Comunidad de Fe], is indebted to boatloads of people who regularly volunteer significant chunks of their time and energy to a variety of ministry expressions we offer the Olathe community.

Simply put, we couldn’t do it without them!

As you might imagine, volunteers and ministry initiatives occasionally require oversight, which means there are times we need to secure paid staff. Keep in mind, getting paid for work doesn’t mean unpaid work doesn’t matter; it’s simply a matter of organizational focus and flow, helping provide the necessary leadership and accountability required to fulfill the mission of the church.

We appreciate you checking in with us, and would encourage you to check back often as job posting statuses can quickly change.

PLEASE NOTE: When applying for an available position, please be sure to include the title of the position for which you are applying. OWC and its affiliate ministries are equal opportunity employers, and we welcome and encourage diverse candidates to apply for positions.



Currently there are no available positions or postings.



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